I. Creating a financial roadmap for each individual or family to:

A. Maintain a lifestyle that is reasonable and comfortable.

B. Make clients aware of issues that they may face now and in the future and how to resolve them.

C. Provide adequate insurance and safeguards to protect your assets and family.

D. Implementing a methodology to systematically accumulate assets.

E. Making sure that investments are well diversified to fit their personal tolerance.

F. Affording the opportunity to retire at a reasonable age.

G. Upon retirement, assets that you have accumulated are sustainable to maintain your lifestyle and keep up with inflation.

H. Upon your passing, your remaining assets will pass on to your heir’s in the most tax efficient manner possible.

II. Implementing the planning process

A. Each plan is tailored towards your specific needs and is different because:


a. Multiple one on one sessions to learn about you as an individual and what your values are.

b. What is your bucket list you want to achieve during your lifetime?

c. Understanding your thoughts on managing money and how we can incorporate our experience in guiding you.


a. Fact find to analyze your current financial position.

b. Age

c. Income

d. Single/joint

e. Dependents

B. Once we gather your data and establish your goals we:

1. Analyze your financial status

2. Develop a tailored plan

3. Implement the agreed recommendations

4. Continue to monitor your plan through annual reviews (or as often as you want to) and make necessary adjustments.


A successful financial plan is not always measured by the cheapest product, obtaining the greatest return, but our goal for our clients is to provide them with assurance that we are reviewing and maintaining their plan. That they feel on a daily basis that they have a “trusting” relationship with us as their advisor, they can call our office and we will be there to service today and years to come.